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Sitting in Darkness, doing what?

Each morning I wake before dawn and go to my study.  Of course it’s dark. I don’t turn on the light in my office: I light a candle and a stick of incense.

Then I sit .

I prefer the Zen term, “sitting”, rather than “meditating”, which makes me feel too spiritual.

I sit in darkness, breathe in, out.

Then I write.  I sit at my desk and clack out words on my keyboard. There’s still no light.

I write about this flaming world of ours. Interesting times, as the old Chinese curse would have it.

This blog is about writing. And the germ of writing resides in darkness. The moment of creation.

Each day for a year, starting March 25th, 2011, I’ll be posting a new piece of flash fiction.

My stories will be prompted by something in that day’s news or something else that grabbed my attention.

I hope you enjoy the stories- all three of you who find this blog.

Hopefully we’ll have a gem, every now and then.

365 stories, coming up.



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