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Sitting in Darkness is Back!


I have finally seen the error of my ways.

Despite knowing better, I have allowed Resistance (as Pressfield would term it) to kick my ass and stand with its jackboot on my neck. And, as Pressfield so accurately predicts, this turning away from my passion has resulted in a deep undercurrent of discontent.

A new job has me on a commuter train after years of working from home. Funny thing: with less ‘free time’ I’m actually getting some writing done again. It’s like characters in a story: when we limit their freedom of movement, they are forced to actually DO SOMETHING to counteract what is threatening them.

Suffice to say I was never so happy as when Sitting in Darkness was rolling merrily along, and I was churning out weird, little stories.

It’s time for me to go back down to that dark place where the stories live. Maybe other things are down there too..but I can’t control that.

I hope you’re well, Reader.

I hope you find this blog again.

Stories are coming.


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