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The Dead Always Return…

The demands of economic survival have settled a pall of dust over this once-vibrant story blog.

I could make an eloquent appeal for society to support those of us committed to scribbling little stories – yes, even horror stories. But thoseĀ  grapes are just sour, and I need to get clacking on the keyboard.

Now that I’ve established some sense of balance and equanimity in my new job, you can expect to see some fresh stories posted.

Halloween is almost here.

Each year, we return to Salem, MA for trick or treating and then we take up the costume watch at Haunted Happenings. We take the kids around to collect candy and fun along the same neighborhood route I took as a kid in Salem. The kids’ll then hang out at my parents’ house while the wife and I head downtown to see the show with friends.

By the by, I hope to have a collection of short stories completed for next Halloween. If you’re a regular visitor to the blog, you’ll get a free copy (I know who you are!).

In the meantime, enjoy this Halloween. Soon, the wind will turn seriously cold, the trees will click, and the moon will ride high and turn the buildings on Derby Street in Salem a silvery gray. I grew up down near Forest River Park and each October I think of ghosts in Pioneer Village as well as darker things blowing through those beautiful, barren trees.

If you haven’t been, Haunted Happenings in Salem is not to be missed. Perhaps we’ll see each other up on the Common, or pushing down Essex Street.

There is no better place in the world to sit in darkness than Salem, MA in October.

Sit under Hawthorne’s statue and try not to hear the darkness happening.

I dare you.


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