Sitting in Darkness…The Novel

Stage 2 of Sitting in Darkness has begun.

There are stages, you ask?

Perhaps I should explain.

I started this blog to do two specific things:

1. Entertain readers with short, snappy, sometimes creepy, (and hopefully engaging) stories.


2. To see if some of these tiny germs of stories want to grow up to be…bigger.

Well, it has finally happened. One of the stories on this blog has announced itself as wanting to be told more fully, with all the bells and whistles of noveldom.

So, I am fully engaged in the planning and execution of this story, this novel.

Why do I bring this up, you may be wondering?

Just to explain the spotty posting schedule over the next few months. I will continue to put up stories, and hopefully more of them will want to be novels.

Now, I’m tempted to ask all 12 of you who subscribe if you can guess which of the 50 some-odd stories on the blog I am currently novelizing.

I’ll just say this: Margo will probably get done as a novel someday, because I want to know more about her and I just love the way she looks at the world. One of my relatives thinks I am doomed to be the victim of an Annie Wilkes copycat if I write the Margo novel(s).

If you don’t know who Annie Wilkes is, Google will be more than happy to oblige you.

There are several stories herein that have hinted at their aspirations to become more than I have made of them so far. But right now, only one story has flooded my fevered brain with imagery, additional characters, colorful backstory, stakes to die for, and a lead that looked me in the face, in a dream, and convinced me to write the story.

I have to admit, that was kind of weird. But hell, we only go around once, right?

By the way: these characters are completely of my creation, but I don’t tell them what to do all the time. Sure, I have a general idea of where I want the story to go, but sometimes my subconscious, in the guise of one of my characters, has other, usually better, ideas.  It’s super fun, and sometimes a little disconcerting.

I believe it was Jerry B. Jenkins, author of the 14-volume, bazillion-copies-sold Left Behind series, who, when asked why he killed off one of his major characters, answered, “I didn’t kill him off. I found him dead.”

So, I hope you’ll continue to stop by and read my little stories (and see if you can guess which one on the blog is soon to be a novel).

As always, I’m writing this alone in my room and hopeful the stories connect with a reader out there.

I’ll occasionally post updates to let you know where I am in the novel writing process.

The publishing world continues to evolve so quickly, I have no earthly idea what it will look like when I’m done writing this story.

But I’ll deal with that when I actually have a completed manuscript.

Right now, I just want to tell a rollicking, balls to the wall story.  A story the reader simply cannot put down.

There, I’ve said it.

There’s no turning back, even if I wanted to.

Behind me an avalanche has sealed the mine entrance.

I can only stumble forward.

Into darkness.


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Bob Bois is a writer living in the old, mysterious hills of Central Massachusetts. He blogs his horror flash fiction at View all posts by Bob Bois

19 responses to “Sitting in Darkness…The Novel

  • CMStewart

    HOORAY! 🙂

    I’ll take a wild guess . . The Chattanooga Chalupa (“pardon me, boy”)…?

    • Bob Bois

      Hey CM –
      I busted you out of spam jail!
      However, you guess is off the mark (although I can see a plethora of cool scenes featuring the Chalupa). If I ever do write the Chalupa story as a novel, I think I’ll have to change his name since it could lead to some, well, embarrassing google results….

  • JO

    ok bob…..the cats out of the bag now….the balls are, how did you say it “to the wall”, so bring on the big one. god knows im gonna have so much insanity in my life soon anyways (but i mean that in a good way of course). Sounds like you’re going to bring us for a good ride. I’m looking forward to it. JO

  • Paul

    the one with the creepy chick and that other guy where they didn’t see it coming and then almost everybody ends up dead….that one.

    Try to work in that crazy chick from Illocos Norte with the 47.5 personalities, I’ve always adored her.

  • SuzanneG

    Okay, Bob, I’m already standing in line at the bookstore. Bring ‘er on!

    • Bob Bois

      Hey SuzanneG!
      Thanks for the support and it’s nice to have you back here.
      I’ll come by the bookstore every now and then and bring you a snack until the novel actually shows up there!

      • SuzanneG

        Ooohhh! Snacks and a new novel to anticipate. Life doesn’t get any better. I’m here almost every day, so you can just leave the snacks on my usual table. I’m partial to anything spelled C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E. 😉

  • ann clement

    This sounds like the first day of an extremely interesting “voyage” into an ocean of writing. I love that!
    We have started another kind of voyage as we support and assist John Kellam with his terminal cancer diagnosis age 95. We will be here for him for the duration at home. At the same time, Nev will have one knee done at a time. Peace is on her mooring after seven sailing days over a 10 day period from Canaveral to Rhode Island. Now catching up with sleep and such.
    Bob, you will write something I want to read. This suits your current situation perfectly and we all must be flexible as the openings and challenges come at us. Use your inspiration now while it is strong and get that novel well started.
    With love and admiration, Ann and Nev

  • Zman

    Hi mr bois,
    so after a couple months of deciding, i guess you have made up your mind about writing a novel. My guess is avenging angel( one of my favorites) or The GMO corn story ( that one was my favorite)
    Happy writing!!

  • Annie Howland

    Avenging Angel left me wanting more popcorn. It gets my guess.

    • Bob Bois

      Hey Annie –
      I too like Avenging Angel but it’s not the current project. With that story, I need to completely break out of the cliche’d dialogue and characters while staying true to the police procedural requirements. I’ll probably write some version of that story as a novel of supernatural horror. Hmmmmm…..

  • Kelly

    Gonna do the big one, huh? My guess: Fletcher at the Dig.

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