On the Road (again)…

Unlike Willie Nelson, I’m not traveling from town to town in a pot-befogged tour bus with my friends. No, I’m sitting in darkness in towns like Scranton, Buffalo, and Ft. Myers. Fly in late, work all day, fly out late the next day. As you can see, if you’re a reader of this blog, since hitting the road a couple of weeks ago, my story production has plummeted – and it’s pissing me off. 

But the mortgage man must be paid.

Before I had a family, I’d fly nearly 130,000 miles a year for work. New York, LA, San Francisco, Honolulu. It was great…for a while. But, now that I’m out on the road (just a couple of days a week for the next couple of months), I miss my wife and kids. Nameless hotels, faceless desk clerks, flight attendants.

I am making the adjustment and I have what I think is a neat, nasty, little story coming up: a tale about a lonely but disturbed engineer and the nameless woman he….transforms.

Stay tuned.

Oh, and don’t forget about “Bijou” on Flashes in the Dark on July 1st.

As always, I’m glad you came back to check for another story. I truly appreciate your support. It is coming – tonight.

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Bob Bois is a writer living in the old, mysterious hills of Central Massachusetts. He blogs his horror flash fiction at http://sittingindarkness.com View all posts by Bob Bois

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