My Story “Alpha Male” to be Posted on “Flashes In the Dark”

Perhaps readers of this blog will remember the story “Alpha Male“. The image below may jog your memory. Think “demon rooster possesses young girl”. This story has been selected to appear on the website Flashes in the Dark, a website devoted to daily doses of horror flash fiction. The story will be posted this Friday, June 10th.  I have a good friend whose husband was out of town the day I published this story on this blog. Seems there was some type of commotion in the chicken coop in the dark of night, and she had to go out there and…investigate. Sometimes the real world just plays into a writer’s hands.

Horror writers get their jollies in very shallow ways..

A new story tomorrow!


Once again, the image is by Ryan Abel


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Bob Bois is a writer living in the old, mysterious hills of Central Massachusetts. He blogs his horror flash fiction at View all posts by Bob Bois

2 responses to “My Story “Alpha Male” to be Posted on “Flashes In the Dark”

  • Annie

    Ok…..I was creeped out to an extraordinary level after reading ‘Alpha Male’ on the Flashes in the Dark site, but when I innocently clicked on your website link and the evilpossessedMeg photo was staring at me, it was twice as spine-chilling (I’m not proud–I admit ! turned around and looked behind me!). Gruesome story (in a good way). Congrats on the publication.

  • Bob Bois

    Thanks Annie.
    Have a look at some of the other stories on the blog and let me know if any of them entertain you.
    Thanks for reading!

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